“Elijah and George” is an inspirational, family-friendly historical drama.
Based on Letters and Diaries from the Period, Elijah and George is an Adventurous, at-times Humorous, Heartfelt Story about Family, Freedom, Home and Redemption!

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The Film

Elijah and George is an inspirational, character driven film that follows young Elijah’s seemingly impossible adventures as he follows his father, a farmer who joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War, after the British Horse Soldiers storm his farmhouse and tragedy ensues.

A Big Picture Film with 120 actors and over 500 special extras, the story has something for everyone! Action, adventure, drama, a love story, and a historical battle scene!

Imagine a Disney-Esque Huckleberry Finn Meets The Patriot Movie!

Description: An impossible adventure begins when a young boy sneaks out of George Washington’s encampment to find his father, a soldier who does not return from the Battle of Monmouth. Will the game of draughts (checkers) save the young boy’s life and get him home?

Logline: Young Elijah forges surprising friendships through his adventures as he follows his father, a soldier in George Washington’s Army.

In this latest episode of Firelocks, the Podcast, we turn our focus on the independently-financed feature film, “Elijah & George” is set to tell the adventures of a young camp follower as he encounters famous figures of the Revolution on his search for his father who has gone missing during the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Described by its creators as “Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot”, the film will highlight the often-forgotten lives of young camp followers who served alongside the armies of the conflict, and will be appealing to families and viewers of all ages, lovers of history, and of course appreciators of good film-making.

Joining host Bill Patchak for the discussion are Andrea Clarke (director/producer/writer), Michael Dooling (producer and also illustrator/author of the book that inspired the film), and Ben Theis (historical adviser and 4th Coy’s own). The four chat about the inspiration behind the film’s development, its ongoing pre-production activities, and the efforts being undertaken to ensure its historical accuracy.

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