Grateful American Foundation has joined feature film “Elijah and George” as #HistoryMatters Education Partner.

The David Bruce Smith Grateful American™ Foundation has partnered with 1663 Media Arts, LLC as a #HistoryMatters Educational Partner in support of the Historical Drama, “Elijah and George“.

The Grateful American Foundation and Grateful American Kids mission is mirrored to the vision of the film’s Educational Component. They are an interactive multimedia program that is focused on restoring enthusiasm in American history for children — and adults.

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Michael Dooling – Copyright 2018

A Family-Friendly Feature Film, Elijah and George is adapted from the popular Illustrated Children’s Book “George Washington’s Army And Me” by renowned Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling!

Based on Letters and Diaries from the Period, Elijah and George is an Adventurous at-times Humorous, Heartfelt Story about Family, Freedom and Home!

In our story the Revolutionary War is the back drop. This is a character driven film that follows eight-year-old Elijah’s seemingly impossible adventures as he follows his father, a farmer that joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment after the Loyalists storm his farmhouse.

The film is a work of Fiction. Historical elements from Valley Forge leading up to the Battle of Monmouth are intertwined and based on Facts from our exhaustive research and historical advisors.

Imagine Huckleberry Finn meets The Patriot movie

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Elijah and George is a family-friendly adventure that will leave audiences both entertained and inspired to learn more about the founding of the United States of America. The Grateful American Foundation provides a wealth of engaging information for people young and old to dive into the history of America and beyond!



David Bruce Smith, founder and president Author and publisher David Bruce Smith is the creator of The Grateful American™ Series, an interactive multimedia program that is focused on restoring enthusiasm in American history for children — and adults. A graduate of The George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in American Literature, and a master’s in journalism from New York University, Smith has spent decades as a real estate executive and the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of Crystal City magazine. Smith is also the author of 11 books, including his most recent, “American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States,” and Three Miles from Providence: A Tale of Abraham Lincoln at the Soldiers’ Home. Click here to learn more about David Bruce Smith:

1663 Media Arts, LLC is an Independent Production Co. They develop historical dramas based on real life events…because History Matters. Founder Andrea M Clarke is a writer, producer, creative director and revolutionary with a firm belief in everyone’s right to be free and live happily and in peace within their (healthy) communities without fear of reprisals or discrimination. She left corporate America to focus on developing creative projects that uplift the human spirit and bring people together through the arts.


Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

1663 Media Arts, LLC is an Independent Film Production Company that develops historical dramas based on real life events...because #HistoryMatters.