Mr. Constitution Endorses Elijah and George Movie

Got an email from Andrea Clarke … who? … She is the writer, producer and director of a film that looks at the American Revolution through a child’s eyes.

She is descended from Dr. John Clarke of Rhode Island and Religious Liberty fame, and since I am descended from Roger Williams, also of that time and place, we are related in the roots of religious liberty.

Her film is based on a short story “George Washington’s Army and Me” by Michael Dooling. At the beginning of the story, Mr. Dooling tells why he wrote it:

“This story is about having a safe place to call home—about the values we share as Americans. I was surprised to learn about the women and children who had such difficult lives during the revolutionary war—not unlike, I am sure, many people around the world today. Not too long ago, I attended a revolutionary war reenactment. I was there for the soldiers, the cannons, the sheer adventure—looking for a story. A city of tents with women and children in costume caught my attention. I asked why were women and children there and soon discovered that many people followed Washington’s army because they had nowhere else to go. Some 2,000 women and children followed their fathers: sometimes walking nine miles a day, sleeping on the ground, and having very little to eat. They were their own little army, without the muskets. How sad, I thought.”

America IS about “home.” It is about family and being able to tell the story you think people need to hear.

As Andrea says of her project:

“While our film is not political, it is very timely. At its core, the story …celebrates unifying values: the beauty of a loving family, the resilience of the human spirit as father and son fight to get back to each other, and the goodness of freedom and home. “

She adds that it is “part love story, part American History in how our freedoms came to be. [It] brings the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they can and do endure in the name of family, freedom and home.”

The film is getting support from the Grateful American Foundation but also needs public support – our support, your support. Take a look and if it strikes you, take action:

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