Film steeped in Freedom Censored on Social Media?

When I first received an “Account Locked” notice from Twitter, I chalked it up to an oversight due to automation on their end. I disputed their claim our family-friendly movie’s sizzle trailer was “depicting the moment of death of an individual” and the post was reinstated.

Now I seriously question, is our historical drama Elijah and George being purposely censored on social media platforms?

—–Original Message—–
From: “Twitter” <>
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2019 12:02pm
To: “1663 Media Arts, LLC” <>
Subject: Your Twitter account has been locked

Hi 1663 Media Arts, LLC,
Your account, @1663MediaArts has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.
Specifically for:
Violating our rules against posting media depicting the moment of death of an individual(s).
You may not post content of deceased individuals or moments in which they die with the intent to abuse, or if the media is excessively gorey. We will remove this type of media out of respect for the deceased and individuals directly impacted, and to reduce unintended exposure to highly graphic media.
1663 Media Arts, LLC
We are excited to share with you a sneak peak of the proof of concept short film of Elijah and George! #ElijahandGeorge #Family #Freedom #Home […]
Please note that repeated violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account. Proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.
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June 21, 2018 an ad promoting the film on Facebook was not approved citing it was a “political ad”. I disputed this claim, “This is not a political ad, this is an ad to promote our film which is about a young boy who follows his father during the Revolutionary War. His adventures and accidental meeting with George Washington save his life and get him, and his dad, back home.” Facebook relented and determined the ad was not political and approved the ad to run.

Screen shot 2019-07-28 at 12.53.21 PM

Sunday July 28, 2019 I received an ad disapproval notice from Facebook citing in part:

“Here’s what’s preventing this ad from running:”

“The text and/or imagery you’re using is about social issues, elections or politics, based on the definition we’re using for enforcement. However, your Page is not authorized to run these types of ads.”

Screen shot 2019-07-28 at 1.05.03 PM

My response: “Hello, Our ad is about our film, and thanking someone for sharing with their readers. Our film, about the founding of the USA is a character driven family-friendly film about family, freedom and home. It is not a political statement, it is not a social issue unless Facebook views films steeped in “Freedom” as a social issue, and it is not a political ad. Thank you again for revisiting. All the best, Andrea M Clarke”

Screen shot 2019-07-28 at 12.42.54 PMScreen shot 2019-07-28 at 12.43.05 PM

I received a duplicate response noting in part: “You must authorize your Page to run issue, electoral or political ads. To begin the authorization process, please visit your Page’s Settings. You can find more information here. Once you’re authorized to run these ads, choose the option to run this ad with the disclaimer you create in the Authorizations process.”

WE ARE A FILM and I refuse, REFUSE to align with Facebook’s claim to anything but.

Screen shot 2019-07-28 at 12.43.17 PM

I responded to Facebook asking for specific clarification, as of 1:30pm EST Sunday July 28, 2019, no response from them.

“Please let me know what specifically about our ad does not meet your policies. This would be very helpful. Is it because we thanked Governor Mike Huckabee? Is it because the film logo shows a American Revolutionary Flag? Is it because our historical drama is a story about the founding of the USA? I appreciate your support in resolving this matter.”

There have been numerous reports of social media giants censoring more conservative views and persons. I never imagined our film would fall into such a category.

Our film is not aligned with any political party. The American Revolution was fought on Principle bringing people together from all walks of life, we approach our film similarly.

Elijah and George tells the adventures of a young camp follower as he encounters famous figures of the American Revolution on his search for his father who has gone missing during the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Described by its creators as “Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot”, the film will highlight the often-forgotten lives of young camp followers who served alongside the armies of the conflict.

The story is uniting, it is not divisive. The story is not political, it is based on principle, a little known story about the founding of the United States of America, with an underlying theme of family, freedom, home with a twist of redemption. The story also honors people who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

My vision for our film is for folks from all walks of life to enjoy, be taken on an edge-of-their-seat journey with Elijah and the historical figures he meets along the way on his mission to get back home. If the audience is inspired to learn more about the founding of our country, great, if not, also great! If they walk away feeling entertained, than I have done my job.

Your support is needed and greatly appreciated! Please make a tax deductible donation to our film production through our campaign on Network for Good. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter through our website.

Elijah and George is in preproduction with a goal to be fully funded by 12/2019. This will allow us to film in Virginia April / May 2020 and release early Fall 2020! As an Independent Film, our budget is $5.9 million.

Thank you for helping us bring this most timely movie to the big screen!

In Freedom,

~ Andrea M Clarke – Producer, Director, Writer – 1663 Media Arts, LLC


Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

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