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Follow up Article from Governor Huckabee – August 7, 2019

Mike Huckabee “You might recall that I recently wrote about a crowdfunded independent film that’s in production called “Elijah and George,” a history-based family film about a boy’s experiences as an American camp follower during the Revolutionary War.

Well, it appears that simply by suggesting you check it out, I have infested it with such conservative cooties that Facebook felt the need to brand ads for the completely non-political film as “political ads” and ban them. Read the story of what the filmmakers have been going through with both Twitter and Facebook at the link, complete with screenshots of their Kafkaesque exchanges with Facebook.

Since – and stop me if you’ve heard this before – Facebook isn’t being forthcoming about why it censored the ads, the only reasons the filmmakers can come up with for their ads being declared political and blocked are (A.) they thanked me by name for giving them a plug, or (B.) the film set during the Revolutionary War shows the Betsy Ross flag. Mustn’t trigger Colin Kaepernick. Either that, or Facebook has decided that the entire subject of the birth of America is now too politically controversial for some people to deal with.

If Facebook wants us to believe they are not acting in bad faith and trying to censor conservative speech, then they’re going to have to come up with a better reason for censoring an ad for a non-political family film than “because Huckabee’s name was mentioned.”

My apologies to the filmmakers for inadvertently bringing them into Facebook’s crosshairs, if that’s the reason for their problems. And if you’d like to save them having to give advertising dollars to hostile leftwing media platforms, then share this link to their website with all your friends for free.”

July 27, 2019 – Film News: We wish to thank Governor Mike Huckabee for sharing information on our film,, with his readers!

It has been an interesting process with getting social media and press coverage without getting locked out or buried.

My message for the film has been consistently clear, that Elijah and George is a uniting story steeped in the principles of our founding fathers; family, freedom and home.

Our wish is for folks all across America to enjoy this family friendly story, and be inspired to learn more about the founding of the United States of America and those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms. #HistoryMatters

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