Actor Drew Youngblood to Star in Historical Drama “Elijah and Jack”

Drew-Youngblood-200x300Drew Youngblood has been cast in the starring role of “Elijah” in the historical drama “Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale,” produced by 1663 Media Arts, LLC.

Drew is a 10-year-old Atlanta-based actor with the recently co-starring credits, “Stranger Things,” “The Gifted,” “Good Girls,” and the upcoming HBO documentary “Sand Mountain.”

“Elijah and George” follows the adventures of a courageous farmboy and his faithful dog as they encounter famous figures of the American Revolution during a frantic search for his father, a Soldier in the 6th PA Regiment, who has gone missing after the 1778 Battle of Monmouth.

The movie is an adventurous, at-times humorous, heartfelt story steeped in family, freedom and home, with a surprise twist of redemption. According to producer-director-writer Risa Leigh Clarke, the film is akin to “Huckleberry Finn meets The Patriot with historical accuracy woven in.”

An Independent Film, the production is in pre-production and the final funding phase. Clarke aims to begin filming May of 2020 outside of Richmond, Virginia for a Fall 2020 theatrical release.

Youngblood is represented by Gina Henry of MI Talent Atlanta.
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Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

1663 Media Arts, LLC is an Independent Film Production Company that develops historical dramas based on real life events...because #HistoryMatters.