BTS – Funding Trailer Shoot

Some times things just fall into place! Some would call this a “God-thing”, I would agree.

As an Independent Film working on raising funds for our production, it is not easy getting relevant footage for a historical drama due to a number of elements one cannot run down to the local Home Depot and pick up!

Al Underwood of the Horses in Action Foundation calls one afternoon to tell me they will be in Yorktown the next morning with the horses and to grab everyone I could to capture footage for our funding trailer!

This was our chance to shoot the British Dragoons “riding hard and fast” towards the Paterson Farmhouse!

In the meantime, Eliza Kelley, our Maggie Paterson, messages me for an update and she jumps at the chance to drive down last minute from Northern Virginia!

Allen Williamson “Eli Paterson” is already in the area from Los Angeles working on another production, he happily joins us!

Al Tim Ed with Horses
Al Underwood, Tim Platek, Edward Brown

Upon arrival, we meet Edward Brown, a 17-year-old horse riding prodigy and Tim Platek, an 18th Century Chaplain, both in full wardrobe! I cast them in our feature production on the spot!

It gets even better!

Maggie and Eli
Eliza Kelley and Allen Williamson

We had some wardrobe on hand for Allen and Eliza, thanks to Lionheart Film Works, however were missing a couple of pieces for their characters. Edward’s mom happens to be Kathrin Breitt Brown, Historic Costumer and Lead Interpreter at George Washington’s Mt Vernon! Not kidding! Kathrin stepped in with additional items they had on hand to complete the characters’ wardrobe!

But wait, there is more!

Jay Camera
Jay Gates

Called up my Consulting Producer John Forte, Jr “John, I need a Camera Person TOMORROW!” Meet Jay Gates, straight from a dental appointment he drives an hour+ including coming through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (those who live in the area get that significance)!  He got to work straight away setting up different cameras to capture various angles of the horses charging directly towards him! It was intense! And, Jay is providing Voice Over Narration and Editing the Funding Trailer!

Now, I am not one to believe in coincidence, but I do believe things happen for a reason and bring the right people into your life at the right time!

The bottom line is, when I set out to make Elijah and Jack, A Revolutionary Tale – I knew it was going to be difficult. But you can see a little bit behind the scenes how it is all totally worth it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

~ Andrea M Clarke – Producer, Director, Writer

Group Surrender Field
L-R – Al Underwood, Jay Gates, Andrea M Clarke, Allen Williamson, Eliza Kelley, Tim Platek, Alexa Kelley, Edward Brown






Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

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