False Narrative of Socialism Countered by Historical Drama

Williamsburg, VA. February 29, 2020

Freedom in America is under fierce attack, now more than ever in our countries history.  Instigators pushing a socialist agenda from within and outside of the United States attract younger generations through divisive “sound bites” and false narrative.

Censorship by social media giants set an equally dangerous precedence. It is not uncommon for those supporting American Principles to face these inequalities.

To secure liberty and freedom, America’s Founding Fathers declared independence and fought the American Revolution based on certain First Principles, including protecting unalienable rights, limited government, and checks and balances.

Producers for the Independent Movie Production, Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale, http://ElijahandGeorge.com have countered this “wave” of unprecedented attacks on freedom through a wide audience, thought-provoking historical drama.

Elijah and George is an inspirational, character driven movie that follow a young boy’s seemingly impossible adventures as he follows his Pa, a farmer who joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War, after the British Horse Soldiers storm his farmhouse and tragedy ensues.


Producer, Risa Leigh Clarke shares, “The story follows the American Revolution from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. The movie is uniting, bringing the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they endure and overcome in the name of family, freedom and home…with a twist of redemption.”

She continues, “We aim to produce an entertaining movie that will inspire people to learn first-hand the facts about the founding of America, good and bad, and honor those who sacrificed for our freedoms.”

Congressman Dan Crenshaw shared at CPAC 2020, “We need to tell the story of empowerment and self-reliance, not dependency. We need to tell the story of freedom, not utopian collectivism. We need to tell the story that it is still OK to unapologetically love America because that story is based in truth and gratitude and not fear-mongering for the sake of revolution and power.”

The movie production has faced censorship and suppression on social media. Facebook sent notice to categorize the movie as a “Political Entity”. Clarke rightfully opposed and won. She remains undeterred and is powering through these obstacles through grass roots campaigning.

The production has fiscal sponsorship, the movie budget is $5.9 million. They are raising funds through various means to include entertaining sponsors and investors. 1663 Media Arts, LLC goal is to begin filming Elijah and George this spring and release the movie nationwide early fall.

Individuals may support the movie through their Crowdfunding Campaign.


Author: 1663 Media Arts, LLC

1663 Media Arts, LLC is an Independent Film Production Company that develops historical dramas based on real life events...because #HistoryMatters.