Film Distribution

From a Industry Standard, George Washington’s Army And Me, Elijah’s Long Journey Home, meets the following criteria: Commercial, Wide-Audience, Adventure, Family, Drama, Period (historical), Feature Film. We will release Nationwide Fall of 2019!

Our Independent Distribution Model allows for flexibility in reaching the film’s wide audience. This will either lead or compliment the Nationwide Theatrical Release.

Video on Demand aka Instant Digital Screening through Distribber.com or like model, to watch the film through a personal device, computer or television, if we have not signed a Nationwide theatrical deal.

Through Tugg.com or like model, we will offer Private Film Screenings for Large Groups and Schools for educational value with optional Filmmaker Q&A; and “Theatrical On Demand” showings that will organize one-night theatrical screenings once enough tickets have been sold.

Expansive International Markets will be sought, DVD’s and wide range of historical books and merchandise will compliment.

The bottom line, we want people everywhere to see and enjoy the film! To reignite interest of persons young an old to learn more about the incredible stories and historical characters surrounding our freedoms and the founding of the United States of America. We will do what we must to ensure various options to experience the movie are available to make this happen!