Film Distribution

Distribution for ELIJAH and GEORGE meets the following Industry Criteria: Commercial, Wide-Audience, Adventure, Family, Drama and Period (historical) Feature Film. Parental guidance, suitable for ages 7 and up!

Nationwide Theatrical Release is projected for Fall of 2019 with October 19, 2019 as our target date! We are starting the conversation with viable distribution partners with the ultimate goal of being picked up by Major Distributor.

Expansive International Markets will be secured.

Video on Demand aka Instant Digital Screening for consumers to watch the film through a personal device or computer. Americans now spend 49 percent of their media time on a digital platform.

Two Video On Demand Models:

  1. Primary: TVOD – Transactional – higher profits uncapped. Apple Play, Google Play, Amazon Play – Option to submit direct. Cutting out middleman means higher profits.
  2. Secondary: SVOD – Subscription based – Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu

Private Film Screenings for Large Groups and Schools for educational value with optional Filmmaker Q&A; and “Theatrical On Demand” for special groups. Tugg.com is one option.

The bottom line is, we want people everywhere to see and enjoy the film! We will do what we must to ensure various options are available to make this happen!