Filmmakers Statement

From our Producer –

When I first met Michael Dooling, Author and Illustrator of George Washington’s Army And Me children’s book, I knew almost instantly we needed to develop the story into a full feature film. The story just pulls you in and I had never heard of, read or seen anything like it before!

In discovering the many layers within Early American historical events, I was blown away to learn that 2000 men, women and children followed George Washington’s Army during the Revolutionary War because they had no place else to go.

For Elijah, the story’s main character, his ability to survive is simple, yet steeped in his prized possession, a game of draughts (checkers) and the deep motivation behind their “home is worth fighting for” motto.

And, I believe everyone can relate to wanting to be “home”, to be “free”.

Having ancestors who served during the American Revolutionary War and a firm believer in Freedoms, I am honored to work with Michael to Produce and Write this must see family friendly adventure!

~ Andrea M Clarke, Producer, Creative Director, Writer

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