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Producer, Writer

Andie Clarke Headshot B&WAndrea M Clarke is a Storysmith, Producer, Creative Director and Revolutionary with a firm belief in everyone’s right to be free and live happily and in peace within their (healthy) communities without fear of reprisals or discrimination. Cherry Lane Creative and  1663 Media Arts, LLC



Writer, Historical Consultant, Producer

dooling_M_MP2-1Michael Dooling is a renowned Author and Illustrator of Children’s Books and is well known for his dramatic and historically accurate illustrations. Michael is the illustrator of over sixty-five books and the author of five including Young Thomas Edison, The Great Horseless Carriage Race and George Washington’s Army and Me. 1663 Media Arts, LLC has optioned the rights to develop George Washington’s Army and Me into a full feature film. We are thrilled to have Michael on board as Writer, Historical Consultant and Producer.

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Rachel HeadshotRachel Young is our Brand Ambassador. She is a creative force that manages Social Media and Communications Outreach for 1663 Media Arts, LLC film projects. Rachel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign. She attended University of York in the UK to study Intercultural Relations (Major).





Historical Advisor – Revolutionary Warround logo

The 6th Pennsylvania Regiment is a Living History organization, dedicated to presenting the lives of soldiers and camp-followers serving in the American Revolutionary War.