George Washington’s Army & Me Film – Cast

*Summer 2018 – We are casting featured speaking roles for our film. Open Call Casting for Special Extras and Background Extras, Camp Followers and Soldiers, will take place February 2019*

General George Washington played by John Koopman III

General George Washington’s Horse Nelson played by Skills

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John Koopman is an actor who embodies the spirit and mannerisms of George Washington. KnowJK Under Treen for America’s First D-Day: Washington’s Crossing (2014), America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014) and Liberty! (2008). He became involved in Revolutionary War re-enacting in 1998 and since 2006 has been portraying General Washington at reenactments in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia. He has also portrayed Washington in documentaries shown at state and national parks, on television, and for national theatrical release, including the Mount Vernon Revolutionary War 4D Experience film (2017), the Monmouth Battlefield State Park Visitors Center film (2013), The American Revolution (television – for the American Heroes Channel, 2014), and America (in theaters, 2014). He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Elizabeth, and his horse, Skills, whom he often rides at reenactments and professional film shoots. Author of the book, George Washington at War – 1776, available on Amazon.

“ole Man Bones played by Kyle Jenks


A versatile character Actor and Historical Reenactor who has immersed himself in Film, TV, Theater and Commercials, Mr. Jenks is famous for his Live portrayal of James Madison, Founding Father, Father of the Constitution, Sec of State, and President of the USA.

With his limp and surly way, ‘old Man Bones keeps camp followers in line / follow the Army rules. Elijah tries his best to avoid him and his mean scruffy dog. 






Jeremiah, played by Oliver Theibault-Dean
Photo Credit – Today Show

Oliver is well known as an expert in all things American Revolution to those who run the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

We were so inspired by Oliver and his love of history, we reached out to his parents and invited him to screen test for our film. Oliver was a natural, and we cast him as Elijah’s one and only friend, Jeremiah!

Learn more about this incredible young man and rising star!

Jeremiah follows the Army with his Ma, Miss Jenny, he is Elijah’s only friend among the camp followers.

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