Casting Call

The following roles are being cast for our Feature Film – George Washington and Me, Elijah’s Long Journey Home. Please note the following before contacting us.

  1. Feature film / series experience a must. Historical film/ series experience preferred.
  2. Sorry, no 3rd parties or agents at this time. This is a Non-Union Independent Feature Film. Those who hold current SAG Financial Core “F-Core” designation may submit. 
  3. Please watch the film trailer promo on the main page.
  4. Read the Sponsors page to get info our production timeline and more.
  5. Email resume, professional reel, IMDB page / website and head-shot to

Thanks very much for your interest, and best of luck!!!

July 29, 2018 – We are currently casting the following roles:

Character Name Miss Jenny

Gender Female

Age 16-20

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent Country

Appearance – Thin, strong, resilient, medium height.

Miss Jenny wears a short gown, drawstring skirt, colonial shoes, country cap, and carries a knapsack over her shoulder.

Co-Starring Role – This is a speaking role with several scenes. Miss Jenny is Elijah’s caretaker and encourages him to keep up in Move your Arse. In the scene titled Camp she is taking care of her siblings and Elijah as they rest under a tree. Finally she is unconsolable in the scene Missing when her father is killed in battle. Miss Jenny looks after Elijah (age 10), and cares for her younger brother, Jeremiah (age 7) and sister Lucy (age 4). Her father is a soldier.

Character Name Marquis de Lafayette

Gender Male

Age Born 1757 age 21 in 1778

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent French

Appearance Dressed in richly-colored blue and yellow uniform.

Must be expert horseback rider.

5’9 – 5’11, thin side

Featured Role Initially, Lafayette appears standing around the table in Washington’s tent planning the battle of Monmouth. Secondly, he is toasting Washington at dinner. Appears in battle on horseback.