Casting – Speaking Roles

1663 Media Arts, LLC presents an Adventurous, Family-Friendly Historical Drama based on the popular Illustrated Children’s Book “George Washington’s Army And Me” by renowned Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling.

The movie tells the adventures of a young camp follower as he encounters famous figures of the American Revolution on his search for his father who has gone missing during the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Described by its creators as “Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot” (with historical accuracy), the film will highlight the often-forgotten lives of young camp followers who served alongside the armies of the conflict, and will appeal to families and viewers of all ages, lovers of history, and of course appreciators of good film-making.

Thank you for your interest in joining the cast of Elijah and George! We are accepting submissions for the roles outlined below.

Please note the following before contacting us.

  1. Feature film / Historical Drama / Series experience required.
  2. Sorry, no 3rd parties or agents at this time. This is a Non-Union Independent Feature Film. Those who hold current SAG Financial Core “F-Core” designation are welcome to submit.
  3. Email resume, head-shot and IMDB page to
  4. Soldier roles that handle weapons, must be 18 or over.
  5. We plan to film in Central Virginia, April – May 2020. Pending full funding.
  6. Specific dates will be discussed for each role.
  7. Must be safety conscience, respectful and comfortable around firearms, loud noises, horses, sheep, dogs, cows and other animals.
  8. There will be battle scenes, battle arms and extremely loud battle sounds from Cannon and Musket fire.
  9. This is a non-smoking, sober set, no exceptions.
  10. This is a closed-set. No outside visitors.
  11. 1099 Independent Contractor roles. Please see a Tax Consultant for your personal income tax responsibility prior to accepting a role.
  12. Please follow us on Facebook!
  13. Please read the backstory the film is based on, noting our film is fictional, we have taken steps to ensure historical accuracy where possible. PDF free download here:

Thanks very much for your interest, and best of luck!!!

We are currently reviewing submissions for the following roles:

Character Name Marquis de Lafayette

Gender Male

Age Born 1757 age 21 in 1778

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent French

Appearance Dressed in richly-colored blue and yellow uniform. No facial hair.

Must be intermediate to expert  horseback rider.

5’9 – 5’11, thin side

Featured Role Initially, Lafayette appears standing around the table in Washington’s tent planning the battle of Monmouth. Secondly, he is toasting Washington at dinner. Appears in battle on horseback.

Professional acting experience. Feature films preferred.

Character: Daniel Skenendoa
Ethnicity: Native American
Age range: Early 20’s
Height: Minimum height 6′
Thinner side of athletic, healthy
Strong, endurance, stands very tall
Ability to pull a person on a makeshift stretcher on hidden wheels through the woods
Expert Horseback Rider

Professional acting experience. Feature films preferred.

Featured Role: As one of George Washington’s Scout’s Daniel sets out to find and rescue wounded solider’s after the Battle of Monmouth.

The Oneida Indian Nation, known as America’s First Allies, sent Scouts and corn at General George Washington’s request to help with the war effort and his starving soldiers at Valley Forge.

Character Name Linus Shoemaker

Gender Male

Age 18 – 22

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent American Eastern PA

Appearance Over weight, sweaty,  and disheveled.

Role Speaking role, Continental Solider makes two appearances. Initially, chasing after a terrier—he is out of breath and begging Elijah for refreshment. Finally, he appears arguing with his counterpart, Ebenezer Goat.

Ability to chase after a dog.

Professional acting experience. Feature films preferred.

Character Name Ebenezer Goat

Gender  Male

Age 18 – 22

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent  American

Appearance Disheveled and skinny. No facial hair. Scraggly hair.

Role A speaking role. Continental Soldier appears first chasing after a terrier. In a final scene he appears arguing with his counterpart, Linus Shoemaker.

Ability to chase after a dog. Hold a dog less than 20 pounds.

Professional acting experience. Feature films preferred.

Character Name George Paterson, Jr.

Gender Male

Age Born 1816 – Ten-years-old in 1826

Ethnicity Caucasian

Accent Philadelphia

Appearance George Jr. is dressed in breeches, stockings, buckled shoes,work shirt, waistcoat, hat, and jacket.

Role This is a speaking role interacting with grandpa Elijah. In the opening scene and the final scene George Jr. is riding in a horse-drawn carriage with his grandpa, Elijah.

Must be okay around Horses.

Two locations for this role – Charles City, VA and either Williamsburg or Petersburg, VA. Total two days filming.

Professional acting experience. Feature films preferred.

Character Name Private Rufus Thomas

Gender Male

Age 18 – 25

Ethnicity Any

Accent Country

Appearance Disheveled, dirty, NO SHIRT, NO SHOES. He is skinny and has a dopey side-to-side gait. He carries a musket, cartridge box, and haversack. No facial hair.

Role A speaking role. A “Dopey Guard” is uneducated. He catches Elijah, steals his draughts game, then chases him through camp coming face to face with General George Washington.