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Abigail and John book cover webAbigail & John offers readers the opportunity to view prominent scenes in American history through the remarkable lives of one of the country’s most beloved couples—the Adams’s. Exploring the historical significance of a partnership that spanned over five decades, the book details the love they shared for each other and the country. From carefree childhoods to years of war, to the births of their children, and the beginning of a new nation, Abigail & John looks into the unique roles the Adams’s played in the formation of America, and contributions and sacrifices they made for the young country. From David Bruce Smith, author of American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States, and his mother Clarice Smith, world renowned artist, comes this compelling and insightful historical biography of Abigail and John Adams. This unique nonfiction children’s book tells the story of one of America’s most-treasured couples alongside stunning and original illustrations.

Illustrated History Books for Kids of All Ages by Popular Illustrator and Author Michael Dooling!

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The Feature Film “Elijah and George” is based on the popular Illustrated Children’s Book “George Washington’s Army and Me” by Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling.

A poignant story told through the eyes of a young boy and based on letters and diaries of people who marched with the Army.

Literature Guide also available: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Literature-Guide-for-George-Washingtons-Army-and-Me-850290

“This is a great book to be used by educators and parents…” Mtn Horserider  “Well written and beautifully illustrated.” TeachersNet Gazette “Beautiful story with gorgeous illustrations. This picture book is the perfect addition to a classroom library or as a gift. The story will touch your heart and the illustrations are simply stunning. This book is a favorite in my classroom. “

A Masterly PenThe Declaration of Independence, A Masterly Pen

28 Page Historical Lesson Plan by Michael Dooling

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Explore why the colonists revolted, how the delegates struggled to come to terms with declaring independence, and what Independence Day really means.

Informational text worksheets include: characters, plot, setting, character traits, themes, cause/effect, conflict/resolution, response to text, and summarizing. Based on an article about the Declaration of Independence, this 28 page packet includes an article, ready to print student worksheets with answers, Declaration of Independence facts, Write like a Revolutionary activity, vocabulary sheet, Independence Day facts, extension activities, related web sites and teacher instructions. A good resource for 5th through 10th grades and American History Enthusiasts.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, “ wrote Virginia delegate Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence because he had a reputation as a ‘masterly pen’.

The fifty-six men who signed the Declaration CHANGED THE WORLD! Use this lesson plan to teach the true meaning behind the Fourth of July.

Learn about the Civil War through the eyes of a twelve-year-old bugle boy’s letter home to his mother. Soldiers from both the North and the South wrote letters home describing the hardships they endured. Many boys under the age of fifteen, and even some girls masquerading as boys, enlisted as messengers, scouts, drummers, fifes, and buglers.

Also available as an eBook and Literature Guide  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Author-And-Illustrator-Michael-Dooling

“I love the settings and the masterful details in your Civil War art.” R. Hauck, Staff Action Control Officer at HQDA

“Powerful Message.” N. Solell, Senior Education Consultant

The Great Horse-Less Carriage Race“This exciting account of the race that gave birth to America’s first automobile company is accompanied by vivid paintings guaranteed to transport readers to an unforgettable day in our history.”

“Children will be captivated by this vivid, tongue-in-cheek glimpse of the earliest automobiles and the doughty men who built and rode them to victory.”-Booklist

“Dooling has lovingly re-created an era… his spreads convey the icy dullness of the day, the enthusiasm of the onlookers, and even the frenzy of the race.” -School Library Journal

* This book is currently under consideration for a major Hollywood Motion Picture!

Young Thomas Edison“Dooling has brought Edison’s boyhood into focus through careful attention to visual detail and a readable text. What emerges is a story of a determined, focused young man who, despite significant hearing loss and other setbacks, continued to experiment and create inventions that we still use today.”

…somber oil on canvas illustrations use a dark palette and are extraordinarily beautiful. Each page exhibits an artistic mastery that perfectly draws out the subject and fills the space with objects that reflect the period. This inspiring book honors a brilliant inventor and belongs in every library.” School Library Journal (Starred Review)
“This book exceeded all of our expectations…it is literature of this quality that instills a love of history in a child – Exquisite!” Treetop Learning
Chosen as a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People 2006 by the Children’s Book Council and National Council for the Social Studies.

Chosen for Maryland State’s Black-Eyed Susan Picture Book List

Selected as a Children’s Crown Award Nominee by National Christian School Association

Strange and monstrous bones for your classroom!

Author & Illustrator Michael Dooling brings fossil hunter William Foulke’s quest for strange and monstrous bones to life. In 1858, Foulke unearthed the first almost complete dinosaur skeleton ever found, proving what dinosaurs looked like and that they really once existed. Foulke changed paleontology from a gentlemen’s hobby to a mainstream science.

Also available as an eBook, poster, and Literature Guide here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Author-And-Illustrator-Michael-Dooling

“Here are strange marls, the relics of infinite animal life, into which has sunk the lizard of the dragon of antiquity–the gigantic Hadrosaurus….” Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, 1873

“This is a great addition for any library or classroom!” Ruth Teacher

“Michael’s stories are a blend of meticulously researched history, grand adventure, lovely art, and just plain cool subject matter–regardless of the reader’s gender. Perfect for the reluctant reader, budding scholar, and every kid in between.” Grace Burrowes, JD, MA, child advocate, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author