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Special thanks to our Movie Patrons!

With their tax-deductible contribution, we move one step closer to making our movie, Elijah and George!

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Movie Sponsors

Anonymous – $21,000 for the Feature Film Scriptwriter

David Bruce Smith – $1000.

Be a Rebel Patron – $500

Betsy Chapman

Don’t Tread on Me Patron – $250

Lee Sporn

M. Kelly Tillery

Sharon Hlavacek

Colleen S Tans

John Koran – $200

Anonymous – $300

Anonymous – $200

Ready in a Minute Man Patron- $100

Bill Patches

DyAnne DiSalvo

Kelly Langan-Dyer

Doris Brown

Chaplain Tim Platek

Mark Dooling – $150.

Elizabeth P Bradford – $150.

Carolyn Greenway


Edward Brown – $150.

Join the Revolution Patron – $50

Dorothy Gregory

Lee and Jerry Dooling

John Koopman III

Clifton Williams, Jr

Gary Leigh

Tracy Boyd

Kyle Jenks

Independence for All Patron – $25


Mary V Thompson

Deborah Ritchie

Clay Dawson, Jr.

Janet Goodman

Victoria Lofgren

Austin Russell

Robert Vishneski

Linda Radosevich

Debra Blais

Jack Mulkey

Karen B Kowalczyk

Denise Benedik

Let Freedom Ring

Ariana Harris

Ashley Cole

Nicholas X Parsons

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