The Campaign around George Washington’s Army and Me involves more than just our production team.  We are putting together a diverse group of Film, Living History and Educational Partners who plan to support the film in a variety of ways. For example, some organizations and groups will schedule film screenings with Historical Talks by our Director and Writer, others will offer educational resources for the classroom, hands-on events and learning opportunities surrounding the American Revolutionary War.

Living History Partners

round logoThe 6th Pennsylvania Regiment is a Living History organization, dedicated to presenting the lives of soldiers and camp-followers serving in the American Revolutionary War. The American War for Independence was a turbulent time in America’s history. Soldiers, young and old alike, risked everything for an ideal called liberty. The 6th Pennsylvania Regiment played an important role in the events that would unfold during the War for Independence.



Educational Partners

MD header_biographyWell known for his dramatic and historically accurate illustrations, Michael Dooling is the illustrator of over sixty-five books and the author of five including Young Thomas Edison, George Washington’s Army and Me which is currently being developing into a Motion Picture. He has visited over 1000 schools and sold over One Million Books! Michael is currently researching a number of real life hero’s from the Revolutionary War to develop children’s books and educational materials to compliment the film. Michael has illustrated a commemorative stamp of Benjamin Franklin for The United States Postal Service, articles for Reader’s Digest, and picture books, chapter books, and Middle Grade Novels for numerous publishers including Scholastic, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, HarperCollins, Philomel, Puffin Books, McElderry Books, Henry Holt, Holiday House, Beechtree, Atheneum, Disney, and many others.