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March 19, 2020 – Production Update: The Historical Drama “Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale​” is an Independent Production. The majority of our cast and crew work project to project and are counting on us to move our Production forward to begin filming in May. Our film location, Berkeley Plantation (the nicest people in the world) are also counting on us to be onsite for a 6 week shoot to make up for the current shut downs impacting their visitor count.

With your support, you can directly help us move forward by making a Tax-Deductible Donation AND sharing our campaign with family and friends. $5, $10 or more, every dollar matters and adds up quickly as the word spreads to support a #HistoricalDrama Steeped in #Family, #Freedom and #Home.

Our Funding Campaign – Click Here 

The first $126K raised will allow us to hire 12 – 15 people for various Preproduction Tasks lasting over a 2 – 6 week period, then extending an additional 6 weeks into production. During this stage of Preproduction people are able to work remote from their home bases.

Once the $5.9 million budget is raised, we will bring on up to 900 people! Crew roles will be 5 days to 4 months. Cast roles will be 2 – 21 days. Depending on the roles.  Post Production Team will be busy for at least 12 weeks. Infusing $5.9 million dollars into our Economy at a time where people and businesses are struggling, will be a blessing for many.

During Production, we have Health and Wellness Protocols in place along with an onset medic. Protocols ready to go: First and foremost E&G is a Closed Set. Protocols for Health and Wellness include: Heat Exhaustion, Hydration, Ticks and Mosquitos, Lightening, Healthy Foods, Safety. We will add a “Virus Protocol” to ensure everyone has the opportunity to stay healthy on set. 

Stay mindful, happy and healthy out there and remember, we are all in this together and will benefit by lifting one another up within our communities near and far!

We thank you for your support! Risa Leigh Clarke – Producer, Director, Writer

How You Can Support Our Movie Production

The Proof of Concept Trailer has been released! Next Step Preproduction!

Our main focus is to raise funds for Preproduction Expenses and to cover the Production Budget!  You can help us, to support our Independent Production, please check out the options below! We thank you for believing in us and the power of Family, Freedom and Home! ~Risa Leigh Clarke – Producer, Director, Writer

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation towards the Movie’s Crowdfunding Campaign. Donations will be used for PreProduction and Production Expenses. Every dollar matters and is greatly appreciated! 

Cost of FreedomDirectly Sponsor the Short Film “The Cost of Freedom“. The Cost of Freedom honors Veterans through interviews of first hand accounts during their time in military service, on the front lines and what Freedom means to them.

The short film will be released in time for Independence Day, and will run during the closing credits of the movie, Elijah and George.

The Budget for “The Cost of Freedom” short film is $30K. Veterans will be Interviewed over a three day period early spring 2020 in Williamsburg / Yorktown / Charlottesville Virginia.  This is an opportunity for Small Business Owners, Individuals or Historical Organizations to Sponsor “The Cost of Freedom” Production with a minimum $1500. Donation. Special Perks and Tax deduction available. Contact Risa Leigh Clarke to make your pledge to honor our veterans and for additional details. – 434-221-9625 EST Cell

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Monetary and certain In-Kind Donations to our Movie through our Fiscal Sponsor qualify as charitable contributions under the U.S. Tax Code. Our Fiscal Sponsor is From the Heart Productions, Inc, their IRS number is 95 444 5418. As a donor, you may use this number on your taxes with the donated amount for a tax deduction.

Check Donations are welcome! If you DO NOT want or need a tax deduction, please contact us for details on where to mail your check.

Please make payable to From the Heart Productions, note the fiscal sponsor retains 5% as a processing fee. Indicate the name of the Production Company, 1663 Media Arts, LLC and Elijah and George, on the memo line. Mail your check to:

From The Heart Productions
1455 Mandalay Beach Road
Oxnard, California 93035-2845

Send us a note, so we can track your check donation – may take up to 3 weeks for us to receive.

Major Sponsors, Vetted Investors and In-Kind Donations please contact Risa Leigh Clarke, Producer, to learn ways you can support our most timely historical drama!

Donate Stocks or Bonds! We are able to accept Stocks and Bonds as a Donation. The Donor would transfer the investments to our Fiscal Sponsors Brokerage Account to liquidate and transfer to our production funds account.

#HistoryMatters – Purchase Beautifully Illustrated Historical Books and Wear your Support with our Movie Inspired 18th Century Slang TShirts!

You can follow our funding history through our Crowdfunding Campaign. Offline donations are added to keep a running total from all contribution avenues!
Thank you again for supporting us and our Independent Movie Production and believing in the Power of Family, Freedom and Home!