As an Independent Film Production, our overall reputation with our cast, crew and audience is paramount to earn and gain trust in our abilities and unrelenting drive to bring Elijah and Georgeto the big screen.
We are honored to share Testimonials and invite those who know us, believe in the fabric of family, freedom and home and support the story of Elijah and George to Leave A Reply with their Testimonials below!

The biggest hurdle in filmmaking is the story, Risa Leigh has a good story to tell. The second biggest hurdle is funding the project. Risa Leigh has a strong vision on producing her film. She has been a nose to the grindstone producer who has pushed through roadblocks and jumped hurdles to get her project this far. If hard work and desire are an indication of success, Risa Leigh will produce a successful film. Paul Van Haute, Director of Photography

Risa Leigh is a talented film maker with a keen vision on the project, the audience and has a firm hold on accurately portraying the history of the time period. Furthermore, very few if any films in this era a suitable for children, this is something that I feel needs to change in order to invigorate young minds to read and delve into history. Ben Theis, Historical Advisor

This is probably one of the few times I have written about my Mom, Risa Leigh Clarke. She has always been selfless, wanting the best for me and always been there in the highs and lows. Why do I mention this? Because while that was directed towards me, her Son, she puts that same energy into things she is passionate about. That passion is this film. About telling the story of Elijah, about telling the history of our country. She is a human being just like the rest of us in the fact that she experiences sadness and frustration when she pours a lot of energy into this passion and is not supported to the level it deserves. She is a human being just like the rest of us in that she doesn’t know everything. She is a human being just like the rest of us because she isn’t perfect and makes mistakes. But she is a superwoman in that, even if where she thought she would find a supporter, who then backs out, she looks up and on and continues the drive with a smile. Even when she doesn’t know everything, she does not fake it. She researches day and night so she knows what she is supposed to know or asks for help from someone who will know. And even when she makes mistakes, she owns it, learns from it, moves on, and improves her life from the experience. So the reason you should back my Mom isn’t because she is a perfect person, because she is not. It is because she is a very hardworking, motivated, honest, and truthful person who has a passion to tell an amazing story. Sincerely, Clifton Williams, Aviation Pilot

I am a historical advisor to Risa’s current project, and have been consistently impressed by her passion and preparation for the film’s production. She is seeking to do something rarely done – namely, to produce a story of the Revolution that takes historical accuracy seriously while at the same time being educational and accessible to family audiences. She has worked hard to translate an existing property (a children’s book on the subject) into a form that will appeal to wider age groups. Her script is high quality, as is her attention to both detail and the larger message. I have no doubt the final product will be a success.
Bill Patchak – Historical Advisor

Risa is a visionary. She is a storyteller who is passionate about sharing American history in a captivating way. The family values and character lessons in the film are very needed in our current times. Moreover, she is a very hard worker, determined and perseveres. Bethany Williams

Risa is extremely hard-working and very thorough in her approach to business, Risa’s film is well-thought-out. She pays specific attention to detail and I vouch for her without hesitation. Michael Dooling, Author, Illustrator

Risa Leigh cares not only for others, but for the world and its state. She cherishes those around her, and she hopes to make the world a better place. She has a drive for what she believes in, and currently is trying to make a film from a beautifully drawn book, a story that deserves to be shared, and that no matter your politics brings us together as people. In our current world situation, I believe this to be an important distinction, and I feel that a story like this, with truth and passion to back it up, should be told. Eliza Kelley, Actress

Despite overwhelming odds, Risa Leigh has stuck with this project for over a year and a half, taking it all the way from conceptualization to where it is today, with a fully developed script, a talented cast and crew, detailed pre-production, and even a plan for marketing and distribution when the film is completed. She has proven over and over again that in places where most people would give up, she has what it takes to stick to a project that she truly believes in. Now that the final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, I think more people are going to take notice of what she’s doing – and for good reason, because when Elijah and Jack hits theaters nationwide, it’s going to make a huge impression. Jordan Hunt, Producer

Risa Leigh is a tireless if not relentless producer who can accomplish more in a day than the average person does in a week. Rob Child, Screenwriter, Director

Risa is a visionary. A woman who moves and shakes and gets things done. Shane Kulman

Dear Risa Leigh, I just read the screenplay in one sitting. It’s wonderfully visual, filled with suspense, and definitely a story that kids–and adults–will enjoy. Congratulations! I think your movie is going to be a success! Sincerely, David Bruce Smith, Founder of the Grateful American Foundation, and co-founder of the Grateful American Book Prize



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